Fundraising for Gabon, Africa Gathering

Preparations are underway for Grandmother Bernadette’s Gathering in Gabon, Africa. We are grateful and looking forward to visiting and honoring Grandmother Bernadette, and praying for all our relations in the Oyenano Village in Gabon, Africa. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Events & Updates

GM Bernadette Thank You

Thank You for Your Generous Support and Prayers

A Special Message From Grandmother Bernadette: A Special Note From the Grandmothers Council: Dear Friends and Supporters, We are so …

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GMBernadette Africa Event

Event Info – 13th Official Gathering of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers in Gabon, Africa

“SALENI GO NTCHE Y’AFRIKA” ECHOES OF THE GRANDMOTHERS: Roots of Humanity Host Grandmother: Bernadette Rebienot Omyene Libreville, Gabon, Central Africa …

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GMC Africa GoFundMe Rewards Featured

GoFundMe Rewards: Echoes Of The Grandmothers: Roots of Humanity

The Grandmothers Council and our supporters have put together a diverse range of unique and commemorative rewards for donors to …

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GMC Go Fund Post Featured

Join us in support of our official crowdfunding campaign for the Grandmothers Gathering in Africa

ECHOES OF THE GRANDMOTHERS: Roots of Humanity Hosted by Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot The Grandmothers are in our 11th year of …

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Gmc Sd2 06 Featured

Grandmothers Council: Chronology Summary

IN A MAGICAL VALLEY, protected by the ancient spirits of the towering Catskill Mountains, a sacred fire was lit. Grandmother …

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01 GMB 01 A Featured

Grandmother Bernadette: Multidimensional Woman

Ndjembe women’s rite of passage initiation moments. Iboga Initiation. My socio-cultural activities. My birthday. My activities outside my country.

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Prayers & Action

Water Sacred Gift

Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift

“A Fundamental Shift in Mindset – Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift” is the title of a …

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GMC Events World Water Day 030414

Statement from the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers for World Water Day March 22nd 2014

As a means of sisterhood, motherhood, and womanhood, please join the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers with strong …

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Grandmother Projects

Grandmothers Projects Salmon

Salmon Ceremony

After 140 years, this ancient ceremony to welcome the returning Salmon was brought back by Grandma Aggie in 1994, and …

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Grandmothers Projects Seed

Seed Temple

The Beloved Mother told Flordemayo, “Make bundles for the children being born and gift these bundles to them. Remind the …

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Grandmothers Projects Water

Indigenous Message on Water

The Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace is a coalition of Indigenous leaders, Indigenous organizations, academics and like-minded people …

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