Events & Updates

Water Source Of Life Netherlands Feature

Water: Source of Life Event in The Netherlands

Together with indigenous grandmother Mona Polacca from the Hopi, Havasupai and Tewa tradition, we will honor water as our first …

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Gmc Np 01 Sm

Help the Grandmothers Support Grandmother Aama’s Earthquake Relief Efforts in Nepal

Grandmother Mona reflects on the Grandmothers’ Official Gathering in Nepal As I stand beside the Colorado River offering my prayers …

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GM Bernadette Thank You

Thank You for Your Generous Support and Prayers

A Special Message From Grandmother Bernadette: A Special Note From the Grandmothers Council: Dear Friends and Supporters, We are so …

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GMBernadette Africa Event

Event Info – 13th Official Gathering of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers in Gabon, Africa

“SALENI GO NTCHE Y’AFRIKA” ECHOES OF THE GRANDMOTHERS: Roots of Humanity Host Grandmother: Bernadette Rebienot Omyene Libreville, Gabon, Central Africa …

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GMC Africa GoFundMe Rewards Featured

GoFundMe Rewards: Echoes Of The Grandmothers: Roots of Humanity

Our GoFundMe Campaign has been closed. Thank you for all your generous support and contributions. If you wish to donate, …

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GMC Go Fund Post Featured

Join us in support of our official crowdfunding campaign for the Grandmothers Gathering in Africa

ECHOES OF THE GRANDMOTHERS: Roots of Humanity Hosted by Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot The Grandmothers are in our 11th year of …

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Prayers & Action

Water Sacred Gift

Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift

“A Fundamental Shift in Mindset – Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift” is the title of a …

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GMC Events World Water Day 030414

Statement from the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers for World Water Day March 22nd 2014

As a means of sisterhood, motherhood, and womanhood, please join the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers with strong …

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Grandmother Projects

Grandmothers Projects Salmon

Salmon Ceremony

After 140 years, this ancient ceremony to welcome the returning Salmon was brought back by Grandma Aggie in 1994, and …

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Grandmothers Projects Seed

Seed Temple

The Beloved Mother told Flordemayo, “Make bundles for the children being born and gift these bundles to them. Remind the …

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Grandmothers Projects Water

Indigenous Message on Water

The Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace is a coalition of Indigenous leaders, Indigenous organizations, academics and like-minded people …

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