Grandmother’s Projects

  • Grandmothers Projects Salmon

    Salmon Ceremony

    After 140 years, this ancient ceremony to welcome the returning Salmon was brought back by Grandma Aggie in 1994, and held on Kanaka Flats on the Applegate River through 2006. In 2007, the ceremony was moved to the original site of the Takelma Indian Ceremony …

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  • Grandmothers Projects Seed

    Seed Temple

    The Beloved Mother told Flordemayo, “Make bundles for the children being born and gift these bundles to them. Remind the parents that they are to take care of the seeds the same way that they take care of their children.” There is a grave threat …

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  • Grandmothers Projects Water

    Indigenous Message on Water

    The Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace is a coalition of Indigenous leaders, Indigenous organizations, academics and like-minded people globally who wish to protect water for future generations. It is a vision from the Elders, and has the support of 60 organizations globally (at …

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