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In Honor of Grandmother Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance


Dear Relatives,

This is such a difficult moment – we are so saddened for Grandmother (Unci) Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance – Weasel Bear’s family. We are offering prayers of condolences and comfort to each and every one of her family and relatives. May we all be blessed with strength and courage in honoring our dear Unci Beatrice as she walks on to her home with the Great Creator.

We know that she is smiling and rejoicing in her final journey home to Creator to be with all our relatives on the other side.

Unci Beatrice touched the lives of many around the world, within her family and in her tribal circle. She was a strong prayerful woman. She would always say, “All we have is our prayer, prayer must come first before you do anything. Always offer a prayer. That way everything will be good.”

In honor and in order to fulfill her final wish for her sister Grandmothers, we will be gathering for a healing retreat at the place of our Grandmothers Council’s origin, Menla, in August 2016.

Dear sister Unci Beatrice, we love you, we cherish you and we will hold you near and dear to our hearts throughout our earthly days in this life.

Love and Light, for this we pray,

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers