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Strongheart (07/01/17): Agnes Baker Pilgrim: We’re Being a Voice For the Voiceless.

Ja-Magazin (05/21/17): Issue No. 11 – Der Rat der13 Großmüttern.


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CoSM (05/27/16): Grandmother Cosmos – by Flordemayo.


KCIW (06/06/16): Cultural Connections: Very Special Sharing by The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers’ Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

JPR (01/21/16): Agnes Baker Pilgrim = Taowhywee.


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Mystic Mamma (03/19/15): Pray every day for the waters of the Earth.


Online & Blogs

Buzzflash at Truthout (08/06/14): Water Crisis Can Only Be Averted if We Return to an Indigenous Respect for the Earth’s Bounty.

Mail Tribune (06/14): Turning a vision into reality, our Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim who helped revive a sacred salmon ceremony in 1994 hopes to rally support to build a dragonfly-shaped bridge she said she saw in a vision last year.

Oregon Field Guide (02/12/14): Our Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim is featured in this video giving a wonderful perspective of reviving the traditions and bringing the salmon back to the people.


Spirituality & Health Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014): Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim featured in articles titled – “Bringing  Grandma Home” & “Help Grandma Build Her Bridge of Dreams” pg.54. 

Lakota Country Times (09/04/14): Guest Column, Nathan Blindman – Unci/Grandmother 2014 Gathering.

Ascala Magazine (Spring/2014) Sweden: Feature article.

Spirituality & Health Magazine (2014): Quote by Mona Polacca on back cover.



It’s Fate Magazine UK.

Visjon Magazine Norway.

Nordstjernan (Largest newspaper serving Swedish American community).

Ascala Magazine (Fall/2013) – Sweden: Homo Luminus.

Frau von Heute (Summer/2013) – Germany.

Bild der Frau (Summer/2013) – Germany.

Svenska Dagbladet (07/08/13) – Sweden: De vill ta ansvar sju gernerationer framat.

Van Hart to Hart (05/2013): De reis van hoofd naar hart.

First Alaskans Magazine (April/May/2013): Tail End Clearing of the Pathway to Light: Alaska’s first certified Tribal doctor. Feature article about Rita Pitka Blumenstein.

ENGEL magazin (Spring/2013) – Austria: Die Botschaft der Grossmutter.

Pathways to Family Wellness (Spring/2013): Global Grandmothering.

WOW Magazine (02/2013): To Kathmandu with the Grandmothers, and Love.

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UPLIFT (Winter/2013) – Australia: Gathering Announcement.

Yes! Magazine (11/08/13): Mona Polacca & Jyoti quoted in composite.

The Quad News (11/04/13): The Great Turning Re: Pfeffer Peace Award.

The Courant (10/09/13): Members of Int’l Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Speak.

Earth Rights Walker (08/16/13): The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Gather in Stockholm.

Arche (07/20/13) Germany: World Congress of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Ekostil (07/07/13) Sweden: Ett möte med legandariska 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (07/03/13): FOR’s 2013 Int’l Pfeffer Peace Prize Recipients – The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. (06/23/13): Grandma Knows Best…For the Planet. (06/24/13): Article featuring Jyoti and Mona Polacca.

The Buffalo Post (06/11/13): Documentary Details Indigenous Grandmothers’ activism.

YouTube FeatherProject (02/27/13): Talking Feather at RIO+20 People’s Summit with Mona Polacca & Maria Alice Campos Freire.

Tao Generation (01/16/13) – French blog: Le conseil des 13 grands meres indigenes: une cle pour le d’aujourd’hui!


Spirituality and the Environment (05/09/13): Agnes Baker Pilgrim on panel with HH Dalai Lama and other religious leaders – opening prayer excerpt, cancer & commitment to heal Mother Earth excerpt.

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Water – The Hague (03/21/13): Mona Polacca representing Grandmothers.


Envision-This on BlogTalkRadio (11/20/13): Interview with Mona Polacca.


Voices of Wisdom by Elena Garcia – Spain: featuring Rita Blumenstein.


Continuum – a film in progress by Planetary Collective – Interview with Mona Polacca.



The Kathmandu Post (11/11/12): Bringing Healing to Kathmandu.

International Herald Tribune – Republica (11/09/12): Shamans at Crossroads.

The Himalayan (11/03/12): Healer Grandmas Meet.

It’s Fate Magazine UK.

Himalayan Times (11/03/12): Healer Grandmothers Meet.

WOW Nepalese magazine.

Positive Living UK magazine.

In Madrid magazine (10/2012): Grannies Know Best.

Van Hart tot Hart Dutch Magazine (08/2012): Grootmoeders raad.

Happinez Dutch magazine (Summer/2012).

Missoula Independent (08/09/12): Making amends among Montana’s Northern Cheyenne.

Billings Gazette (07/29/12): Indigenous Grandmothers group comes to Lame Deer.

Rapid City Journal – The Chadron Record (07/02/12): The Ride Home” remembers Cheyenne experience.

Natural Health Magazine (07/2012): Authentic Living.

Irish America (June/July 2012): The Last Word. Stand With the Sisters.

Indian Country Today (5/27/12): Historic Horseback Ride Commemorating Cheyenne Exodus of 1878 Departs on June 1st.

Spirituality & Health Magazine (04/18/12): Feature story about Grandmother Aggie, by Stephen Kiesling. The Ceremony at the Heart of “Salmon Nation”; About 18 months ago, an extraordinary woman came to my home on the Rogue River in southern Oregon. At age 83, Agnes Baker Pilgrim is the oldest living Takelma Indian and chair of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Grandma Aggie had recently returned from Dharamsala, India, where the grandmothers met with the Dalai Lama. Using a satellite link, they simultaneously addressed some 3,000 environmentalists gathered for the annual Bioneers Conference in Marin County, California, where Spencer Beebe was outlining Salmon Nation. If one person represents the heart of Salmon Nation, it is Grandma Aggie, keeper of the Takelma Sacred Salmon Ceremony…

Crone Magazine (Spring/Summer/2012): Visions of Peace.

GlücksPost (Spring/2012): Healing Message of the Grandmothers.

Permaculture Magazine (UK) (02/2012): GEN News in Brief.

Online & Blogs

The Kathmandu Post (11/11/12): Bringing Healing to Kathmandu. (11/01/12): Int’l Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Hold 12th Gathering in Nepal. (11/2012): 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Gather to Save Mother Earth at the Birthplace of the Buddha.

Yogi Times (09/2012): 13 indigenous grandmothers gathering.

Ellen Kittredge blog (09/08/12): Healing Through Time with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Zoe Waggoner blog (08/2012): Gathering of the Council of 13 Grandmothers.

Clay Uptain blog (08/07/12): The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Gathering, Lame Deer, Montana, July 26 – 29, 2012. / Native Sun News (08/17/12): Indigenous Grandmothers Unite for International Prayer Gatherings.

Indian Country Today (07/2012): Cheyenne Exodus Historic Horseback Journey Captured in Photographs.

Indian Country Today (07/24/12): Wolf Connection to Join 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Montana.

Wolves and Writing blog (07/07/12): Another Worthy ‘Wolfy’ Cause.

The Wolf Preservation Blog (07/02/12): Wolf Connection & the 13 Grandmothers.

The 3rd Act (05/21/12): Conscious Grandmothering.

Planetary Coach (05/11/12): Have you Heard of Grandmother Agnes.

Oregon Natural Living (02/20/12): Grandmothers Council.

The Newport Daily Express (01/11/12): A Polar Bear Comes to the Statehouse.


Grandmothers Council the World (2012): German and French Translations.


Nepal Telecast (11/2012): Live 1 Part 1, Live 1 Part 2

Nepal Telecast (11/2012): Live 2 Part 1, Live 2 Part 2, Live 2 Part 3

Nepal Telecast (11/2012): Live 3 Part 1, Live 3 Part 2, Live 3 Part 3, Live 3 Part 4

Nepal Telecast (11/2012): Final Part 1, Final Part 2

Seattle Community Media – community access Attendees from Vashon Intuitive Arts talk about their experience at the Lame Deer, MT gathering.



Sacred Fire Magazine (03/2011): At The Hearth of My Heart, by Ann Rosencranz.

Sacred Journey (Spring/2011): Companions on the Journey – An Interview with Jyoti, Grandmother Margaret Behan and Grandmother Mona Polacca (pg. 8 – 18).

Kuuyon Magazine (02/2011): Grandmothers Wisdom – A World Treasure by Keiko Tsuyama, (pg. 102 – 108).

Online & Blogs

Indian Country Today (12/10/11): Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers to Trek Trail of Tears With Australian Horse Trainer.

Portsmouth Journal (12/01/11): Grandmother Mona Polacca, MSW: “We are all related”.

AARP – The Journal (Fall/2011): Interview with Margaret including announcement of the Montana gathering.

Youth Leader (Fall/2011): The 13 Grandmothers Council.

AARP International (10/01/11): Indigenous Grandmother’s Lessons on Living Your Best Life, Interview with Margaret Behan.

Native Village (10/2011): Press Release Posting.

Common Ground (10/2011): One life, one tribe, one chance – Indigenous Grandmothers share their wisdom.

Bluffton Today (10/19/11): Could the grandmothers lead us to a better world?

CNN iReport (10/2011): John Breyer reporting from Brasilia.

Mitakuye Magazine (10/2011): The 10th International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Cultural Survival Quarterly (Summer/2011): The Path of Peace.

The Brave Discussion – 365 Stories of Sisters Making a Difference (07/27/11): What Grandma Told Me…the Story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Huffington Post (06/14/11): Healing From Within: An Evening With 13 Grandmothers.

Art of Attention (06/14/11): 13 Grandmothers.

The Alaska News (05/20/11): The 13 Grandmothers Council Gatherings.

Alaska Dispatch (05/19/11): Indigenous Grandmothers Council to Meet in Anchorage.

Bristol Bay Times & Alaska News
– Alaska Newspapers, Inc. (05/18/11): 13 Indigenous Grandmothers bring healing spirit to Alaska.

Anchorage Daily News (05/14/11): Join the Thirteen Grandmothers at the Fire.

Redaktion Spuren – German Language Magazine (Spring/2011): Pg. 32-35.

Connection Schamanismus – German Language Magazine Pg. 22 – 23.

Mesa State College (02/27/11): The Criterion.

Jonathan Appleseed Blog (02/05/11): The Tree of Life and Knowledge. – Danish Language Magazine.


Seacoast Journal (Fall/2011): Interview with Grandmother Mona Polacca.

HereWomenTalk (09/07/11): Interview with Carole Hart.

WBAI FM (07/18/11) New York: Mona on Environment and Fracking. Host: Rebecca Myles.

KSKA FM 91.1 – Addressing Alaskans – Larry Merculieff talk.

TV News

ABC News – Australia (11/18/11): Aussie ‘horse-whisperer’ to lead Trail of Tears trek

KTUU – Channel 2 News (05/19/11 & 05/20/11): Segment not archived.


Get Real! Wise Women Speak (2011): Cowgirl Films. Agnes Baker Pilgrim & Flordemayo appear in film.

Wankan TankaIncludes interview with Agnes Baker Pilgrim.


Book on Women and Sustainability by Seana Steffen – Interviews with Agnes Baker Pilgrim and Maria Alice Campos Freire.



Nagasaki Keizai Shinbun – Nagasaki Economic Newspaper (11/01/10): 13 Grandmothers at Nagasaki Symposium Pray for Departed Souls and for Peace.

Omega Magazine (Fall/2010): “The Wisdom of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers”, Editor’s Letter endorsing Grandmothers event October 10-15.

Chunichi Shinbun – Nagoya Newspaper (10/20/10): Moving Toward an Era of Coexistence with Nature (Front page).

Kyoto Journal (10/10/10) – Issue 75: Essay by Clara Shinobu Iura; Journal to be distributed to all COP10 participants in Japan.

San Francisco Weekly (08/18/10): Preview and photo for Spirit Rising Golden Gate Park event.

Ode Magazine (Jan/Feb/2010) – Ode Magazine USA, Inc., Vol. 8, Issue 1: “Grannies with a Mission” by Diana Rico.

Light of Consciousness (2010): A Journal of Spiritual Awakening, review of For the Next 7 Generations film.


KKCR FM (09/05/10): Hawaii – Dr. Ann West interview rebroadcast.

KZYX FM (08/23/10): Women’s Voices – Blake More interviewed Jyoti and Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

KPFA FM 94.1 (08/18/10): Coyote News Network (Pacifica Radio) – Caroline Casey interviewed Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

KRCB 91.1 FM (08/17/10): Crossing Borders – Amy Contardi interviewed Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

Glastonbury Radio UK: Dr. Ann West interviewed Mona, Beatrice and Loretta Cook on Uranium Mining.

KBBF 89.1 FM (08/14/10): Women’s Voices – Amy Contardi interviewed Karyn Lawson.

KPFA FM 94.1 (08/11/10): Bay Native News – Pacifica Radio. Janeen Antoine interviewed Flordemayo.

KUSP 88.9 FM (02/7/10): Central Coast Public Radio (Santa Cruz, CA), “13 Grandmothers from the World’s Four Corners Gather on Healing Mission” by Maureen Davidson, story and blog.

KZSC 88.1 FM (01/31/10) Santa Cruz, CA. Host: Kevin Spitzer interviewed Mona Polacca.

KKUP 91.5 FM (01/25/10) San Jose, CA. Host: David “Three” Romero interviewed Mona Polacca.

Online & Blogs (12/12/10) New York: “A Meeting Of The Hearts: The Dalai Lama And The Thirteen Grandmothers” by Alison Rose Levy.

Well Met (11/12/10): The Indigenous Council of 13 Grandmothers.

Earth Foundation Presents the Voices of Biodiversity (10/2010): Videos of Ancestral Voices: Mona Polacca, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Tom Goldtooth.

Kyoto Journal (10/2010) Issue 75: 13 Grandmothers – We Must Awaken Our Highest Selves. Essay by Clara Shinobu Iura.

Light Workers (10/2010): Leading Mayan Elders Visit U.N.. By Kanya K’Almeida. Article about Flordemayo’s visit to the U.N.

Unity of Berkeley (10/21/10): A message from the 13 Grandmothers.

Today in Ashland (09/22/10): Keepers of the Water Ceremony with Grandmother Agnes.

The Shift Network & Peace Alliance (09/21/10): Jyoti and Int’l Council of Thirteen Grandmothers speak.

Christianity in the News (09/17/10): highlighting Grandmothers.

Peacetown, USA (09/14/10): The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers’ Call to the Women of the World.

The Groovy Grandma blog (09/13/10).

Native America Calling (09/07/10): Harlan McKosato interviewed Jyoti re Japan Gathering.

Crone Times (07/10/10): reprint Ode Magazine article “Grannies with a Mission”.

Mountain Spirit Institute (07/05/10): “Global Meditation to Heal Waters.

Growing into the Mystery (06/22/10): “You are Desperately Needed” – A Message from the Grandmothers.

Beliefnet (06/21/10): Prayer for the Gulf from the 13 Grandmothers.

The Shift Network (06/19/10): Summer Solstice Virtual Council with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

Conscious Talk Radio (06/17/10): Krysta Gibson, editor of New Spirit Journal interviews Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

The Criterion (02/2010): 13 grandmothers join forces to save planet.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (02/05/10) – Santa Cruz, CA: by Gemma Givens, Slide show from the film screening For the Next 7 Generations at the Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA (Jan/Feb/2010): “Grannies with a Mission”.

Nonviolent Action News Around the World (01/30/10): Articles of Interest: “Grannies with a Mission”.


The Spirit of a Woman (2010): Santa Monica Press: Edited by Terry László-Gopadze, Chapter by Jyoti.

Hope Beneath Our Feet, Restoring Our Place in the Natural World (2010): North Atlantic Books, Chapter 8: Edited by Martin Keogh, “Hope in Challenging Times: Grandmothers Speak” by Jyoti and Ann Rosencranz.



Awareness Magazine (Nov/Dec/2009) p. 29: “Listen to Grandmother, Coming Home to Mother Earth with the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers” by Arianna Husband.

Common Ground (11/2009): “One Life, One Tribe, One Chance; Indigenous Grandmothers Share Their Wisdom” by Kami Kanetsuka.

The Newport News Times (08/2009) Newport Beach, Oregon: “One Life, One Tribe, One Chance, Grandmothers Council Convenes in Lincoln City” by Terry Dillman.

Sacred Fire (03/2009) Vol. 4, No. 10, p. 44: Provocations column quotes elders “Honoring Traditions, Creating Community,” including Grandmother Flordemayo from Interspiritual Conference in Joshua Tree.

The Post-Standard News (03/01/09) Mar/Apr ed. Good Life Central NY Section, p 54: “Grandmothers from Around the World Form Council” by Rebecca James.

WeMoon calendar (2009) Mothertongue Ink, pp 32-33: “13 Grandmothers Statement of Alliance”.


CFRO, 102.7 FM (11/05/09) “Kla How Ya” Native News Show, Vancouver Co-operative Radio: interview with Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

KCB-AM (08/04/09) Newport, OR: “Arts Talk” with Catherine Rickbone, Executive Director of Oregon Coast Council for the Arts. Interview with Carole Hart regarding For the Next 7 Generations.

KBCH, KCRF, KNCJ, KNDT-AM & KYTE-FM (07/31 – 08/07, 2009) Lincoln City & Newport, Oregon: Interview with Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim with Kiera Morgan, human interest story and news spots.

KBCH-AM (07/28/09) Lincoln City, OR: “On Air Lincoln City” with Roger Robertson: Interview with Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

Online & Blogs (11/01/09) New York, San Francisco: The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers by Rev. Naomi Fay.

iShift (10/2009) #39: Monthly ezine for conscious culture from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, review of For the Next 7 Generations film.

Wholistic Body Mind Times (Summer/2009): “13 Grandmothers Share Their Earthly Wisdom” by Kristin Bender for Women’s eNews.

World Pulse (08/2009) Online press release: “One Life. One Tribe. One Chance”.

Steppin’ Out of Babylon (2009) Podcast-audio: interview with Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim Baker.

Omega Institute eNews (July/2009): “The Wisdom of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers”.

YouTube Templedoor (05/23/09): “Grandma Aggie and the Water”.

Our Earth/Ourselves (04/26/09): Madronna Holden interviews Grandma Aggie at the Second Annual Willamette River Blessing.

Oly Blog (04/23/09): “Grandmothers Counsel the World at The Evergreen State College” by Jason Wettstein.

Enlightened Catholicism (04/25/09): “A New Day, A New Era, Native Grandmothers, Catholic Sisters, and the Next 500 Years”.

National Catholic Reporter (04/24/09): “The Past is a Very Living Thing: Try Not to Forget It” by Joan Chittister; Letter from Grandmother Beatrice Long-Visitor Holy Dance.

The MIT Connection (Spring/2009) Vol 8, Issue 3, p 5: Evergreen State College Master in Teaching Program newsletter: “Ancestral Teachings for a Time of Unprecedented Change”.

First Nations Network (03/10/09): “The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Are Coming”.

WeMoon web (2009): Highlights The Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

World Pulse Magazine (01/21/09): “The Power of Prophecy” by Carol Schaefer; 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Gather to Fulfill an Ancient Prophecy for the World.


Public screening (08/08/09): Screened at newly renovated State Theatre in the Performing Arts Center of PSU – The show was enhanced by a film excerpt of Aggie from the Grandmothers’ movie, For the Next 7 Generations; and concludes with a 13-minute informational piece about all the Grandmothers and the work they are doing as the The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

WPSU-TV (07/30/09): Penn State Broadcasting “Conversations from Penn State” series – “Grandma Aggie Promotes a Sustainable Lifestyle on WPSU”.

Big Ten Network Cable TV (07/09): “Grandma Aggie Promotes a Sustainable Lifestyle”.


Media Coverage from the Grandmothers’ Visit to the Vatican and to Assisi (07/08).

(1) Indigenous grandmas nearly kicked out of Vatican. ROME – They went to pray. They went to see Pope Benedict XVI on his home turf. They went to ask that he rescind historic church doctrine that played a role in the genocidal onslaught of millions of indigenous people worldwide. For 13 indigenous grandmothers, accomplishing only one of their three goals wouldn’t have been so bad – had they also not been harassed by several Vatican policemen who claimed the women were conducting ”anti-Catholic” demonstrations.

(2) Chief grandma tells it how it is. GRANTS PASS, Oregon – When Agnes Baker Pilgrim, who turns 84 in September, wakes up each day, she said she’s usually grinning. “People would think I’m nuts if they saw me early in the morning,” said Agnes Baker Pilgrim, who’s believed to be the oldest living member of the Takelma Indian Tribe. ”I wake up with a big smile … because I got another day. I give so many thanks because the Creator gave me another day!”


Spirituality & Health Magazine (May/June/2008): Agnes interviewed for “The Ceremony at the Heart of the Salmon Nation” article.

The Ithaca Journal (04/2008).

Vision Magazine (04/2008): Mona Polacca interview & Grandmother feature.

World Pulse Magazine (03/2008): column by Grandmother Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance.


Global Healing Radio: Mona Polacca interview aired 2/26/08 Agnes Baker Pilgrim aired 3/11/08.

Wisconsin Public Radio Show (01/22/08): Hosted by Jean Feraca. Interviews with Jyoti, Agnes Baker Pilgrim and author Carol Schaefer.

The Women Rising group of the National Radio Project did interviews with three of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (Rita Pitka Blumenstein; Flordemayo; and Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance) on the program “Making Contact”.

Online & Blogs

Janet Weber introducing the Grandmothers (YouTube):

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Several television interviews in Barcelona, Spain.

Live Televised spot on Barcelona News.


Release of the Spanish translation of the Grandmother’s Book: “Grandmothers Counsel the World” — In Spain, and in Central and South America.

Forthcoming Anthology: The Spirit of Women and the Power of her Story: Chapter by Jyoti.

In other news from 2008:

Grandmothers Council Wins Courage of Conscience Award:

The Grandmothers Council was honored with the Courage of Conscience award from the Peace Abbey, in conjunction with The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries. This award has been given to peacekeepers and activists such as Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and Rosa Parks, among others.

The award was presented to Grandmother Flordemayo (representing the Council) at Grace North Church in Berkeley on June 20, 2008. The inscription says “Bestowed upon The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers In Recognition of their individual and collective efforts, through education and prayer, giving voice for all indigenous peoples and Mother Earth” Congratulations to the Grandmothers Council on receiving this distinguished honor!



An Associated Press wire story, International Grandmothers Environmental Movement has been picked up by more than 150 media outlets since its first appearance in the Miami Herald.

Utne (Nov/Dec 2007): “Just Like Grandma Told You“ —feature article by Nina Rothschild in the November/December issue.

New Age Retailer (2007 issue): “The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers seek a deep and lasting peace” Feature article in the Holiday.

Marianne Magazine – National Czech Magazine: Interview with Jyoti.

StarPeople(Summer/2007): Japanese magazine – feature article.

Asahi Shimbun(06/2007) – Japan’s Leading Newspaper : feature article on the Grandmothers and interview with Clara on the release of the Grandmother’s book in Japan.

Coastviews Magazine (01/2007): “Grandmothers of the World Unite”.


NPR WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show Interview with Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

NPR BAI: Interview with Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

Making ContactWomen Rising XI: International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

“Here on Earth” Wisconsin Public Radio Show: Hosted by jean Feraca. Interviews with Jyoti, Agnes Baker Pilgrim and author Carol Schaefer.

Online & Blog

Youtube: Trailer for the film “For the Next 7 Generations: the Grandmothers Speak”.

Wise Women’s Web E-zine (October issue).

Interviews with 3 of the grandmothers by PEACE X PEACE, a news service which calls and presents stories that highlight and affect the status of women around the world.

Pachamama Interviews at Bioneers Conference (10/2007).


LinkTV Space Bridge Broadcast of Grandmothers in Dharamsala and Bioneers conference.


For the Next Seven Generations: The Grandmothers Speak — feature length documentary film, in progress Spring, 2008. See


International Translations of the Grandmothers’ Book: “Grandmothers Counsel the World” – Holland, Germany, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Spain.

Forthcoming Anthology: “The Spirit of Women and the Power of her Story” Chapter by Jyoti.



Article: Mona Polacca at World Peace Forum.

Online & Blog

Children’s Site- Native Village –
Podcast Interviews- Ancient Futures –


Grandmothers Counsel the World – Carole Schaefer, Shambhala Publications.


California State Assembly and House Resolutions Presented (see below)
Press conference in the California State House.

Resolutions in Support of the Grandmothers.
Introduced in the California State Legislature (05/2006).
California Legislature – Assembly Resolution by Hon. Sally J. Lieber (05/2006).
California Legislature – Senate Resolution by Hon. Denise Moreno Ducheny (05/2006).



Donna House – Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Compass Magazine (10/2005) Netherlands: Grandmothering the World.

Indian Country Today (05/30/05).

World Pulse Magazine – Grandmothers, Tell us your Wisdom.

Shaman’s Drum – When Grandmothers Speak, Jyoti.

Newspaper Article – La Capital, Mexico.



Jyoti on NPR New York


Newspaper-Almanac (11/07/04):Mr. President, are you listening?

Online & Blog

Alternet Article – Grandmothers Unite Rachel Lehmann-Haupt.