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Gmc Ak 78



Dear Friends and Relatives,

I embrace you as beautiful relatives of the world and I offer you an open hand to show that I greet you in peace.

By stepping forward between and within cultures, and languages we can overcome boundaries. We can cross borders not only geographically but also psychologically and spiritually. It is time to make a commitment to encourage the development of a new history and partnership among us. This is what the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers have done over the years.

The Grandmothers will be coming together soon at the Creation to Completion Retreat at Menla, which is a time to commemorate our timely existence over the years. We have completed our goal to visit each of the sister Grandmothers’ home country and are celebrating that accomplishment. We are also, coming together in memory of our dear sister, Unci Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance who has gone into the Spirit World.

Our heartfelt efforts have been focused on the basic call to consciousness “We are all related”, which is based on the principles of interconnectedness, and humility. It is precisely these principles that need to be integrated into our lives in a deeper way. Everything is my relative, which helps us to see the value in each person and each living thing.

If we were to look back at Earth from 200 miles up in space, division does not exist, and it is very clear that we are one family on one planet. This simple point of view could guide us to act in a way that is life sustaining and our worldview will be more open and inclusive. We will listen more and have greater patience in finding solutions.

Now is the time of awakening, where we become aware of our connectedness and our fundamental relationship to each other and most importantly to be aware of our existence in this world.

Our upcoming gathering will give us an opportunity to come together in circle to share our stories, to pray together in our respective ceremony with all who attend.

It has been a long journey, and we are saddened to say that some of the grandmothers will no longer be able to travel after this gathering. With that in mind, we are all so happy to gather with all our friends and relatives. We look forward to greeting everyone who will attend.

For this we pray in love and light,


Grandmother Mona