Healing of the Waters

We thank all those who join us as we pray for the life of water for our future generations.
  • Prepare a bowl of clean water or stand beside a body of water.
  • Please pray for the water in apology for polluting and disrespect. Then offer prayers of love, gratitude and respect.
  • Hold both of your hands toward the water, from your heart your energy will be projected into the water through your hands. (you can close your eyes during this process).
  • Please intend that the vibrations, which now fill the water will spread to the waters all over our Mother Earth.
  • You may also add your own prayer to the water, meditation, chanting, music, songs, dancing, and so on intending the same purpose.
  • When your prayer is complete, pour a little bit of drinking water on your hand, with a loving thought, sprinkle the water away from you (as in spreading Seeds), then drink the water, with a feeling of gratitude.

A Fundamental Shift in Mindset – Water, from a Commercial Commodity to a Sacred Gift

An inter-religious input to the “Wake Up Call on Water Cooperation”

As leaders, teachers and students of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions we make the following recommendations to the outcome document of the ‘Wings for Water’ Multi Stakeholder Dialogue on Water that held on March 21 in the Peace Palace in The Hague.

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