Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim

Takelma Siletz, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

“We grandmothers have come from far and wide to speak the knowledge we hold inside. In many languages we have been told it is time to make the right changes for our families, for the lands we love. We can be the voice for the voiceless. We are at the threshold. We are going to see change. If we can create the vision in our heart, it will spread. As bringers of light, we have no choice but to join together. As women of wisdom we cannot be divided. When the condor meets the eagle—thunderbirds come home.” – Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim

Agnes Baker Pilgrim (Federated Tribes of Siletz) is the oldest living member of her tribe. Grandmother Agnes has been honored as a treasure of her people. She brought back the traditional Salmon Ceremony along with other traditions that were soon to be forgotten. She is the oldest on the Council at age 84 and the spokesperson for them. She has been an outspoken “voice for the voiceless”, speaking out for animals, trees, the water and all beings. They just named a mountain after her in Oregon to honor her work in the world.